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You're OUT!

It's a sunny 70 degree F day. What could make it better? BASEBALL!!!
Am currently listening to the A's vs Chicago Cubs via MLB Gameday Audio. 9 more days until the 2004 season opens.

Yesterday, had a very enjoyable tour of da big pit which will become the new city center garage as part of the Cinema project. Want to look for yourself? Click here for the view from the top of City Hall. Got a short presentation on the history of the project. Answers to what are they doing with all that dirt? (Will be used for fill on a project at Redwood Shores). How do they keep the walls from falling down (much braces,lots of concrete molly bolts. Got to watch them start to drill the hole for the pipe form.)

T'was very cool to check out the old box culvert which once carried redwood creek from the hills to the bay. Got to actually check out the walls and the bracing. Interesting! I really enjoyed poking around. Found out the parking garage was actually going to go under the street too. Kyle would have loved it.

Found out the Fox Theatre did not have air conditioning because there was not enough electrical service in the area. With a new transformer going in to support the Cinema project, the Fox Theatre can get that cool air. Thank goodness!!! The last two years, herefox and I have sat and cooked through two Dan Fogelberg concerts in late June. (loved the concerts anyway!)

Note: I did brave the house alarm and borrowed a pair of K's boots. Senior Engineer B who gave the tour, showed up in tennis shoes - and he's the one that specified hiking boots. Dang.


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Mar. 20th, 2004 07:09 pm (UTC)
>>two Dan Fogelberg concerts <<

Oooh! Jealous again... :-D

>>Senior Engineer B who gave the tour, showed up in tennis shoes - and he's the one that specified hiking boots. <<

Probably being senior engineer, he was allowed to break his own rules. Still, is kind of irritating, yes?

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