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In Memory of Maxwell Shoji

Life really sucks sometimes.

2002 has been a horrible year. In March, my cousin Lynn died. In June, my Uncle Tosh. July - my best friend's father - my other dad. Found out this morning that baby Maxwell is now up in heaven with grandpa Lynn. damn. damn damn

Been hearing about "The Brit" all these nine months. Jennifer & Byron have been living in London for the past year - they had decided not to find out whether the baby was a boy or a girl, so the baby has been called "The Brit" Last email described how Jennifer had given The Brit the eviction notice, but he wasn't ready to vacate yet.

The night before Lynn's funeral, we were all at my cousins Bruce & Sharyn's house. Ellen, Byron's mom, had been dropping heavy hints re: how she'd like to be a grandma. So, Byron goes up to his mom and shows her a photo. She was trying to figure it out, some kind of black and white drawing or picture. Gayle knew what it was as soon as she saw it *grin* Finally, Byron says "that's your grandkid" Heavy hearts were lifted immediately. Auntie Nobu (Lynn's mom, Byron's grandma) had been sitting in a corner, looking a bit lost. She perked up so much. It was lovely.

Thanksgiving was going to be extra special this year. Little kiddies running/crawling around. Kyle and Brendon - both 3 and Alani who will be 1 and The Brit. *sigh* Not fair. Not fair at all.

Jennifer & Byron were on the their way to the hospital and somehow the umbilical cord went down the birth canal ahead of the baby. By the time they got to the hospital, Jennifer knew something was wrong. It was too late.

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