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And Stomper kissed me...

A's have made it to postseason play! Yippeeeeeeee!
Now if they can just clinch the division.

Have been in a nesting mood. Been cleaning out drawers, both in the bedroom and the kitchen. Three bags for goodwill so far. Can't believe that I'll have been in this apartment for 15 years come October 1st. Weird how the time goes by.

Main problem right now is that the hot water heater died sometime on Friday. Went to take a shower and no hot water!!! Before I could contact landlord, she called me to say that the plumber would be by early Saturday morning. Unfortunately, the said new heater is in the outside shed with the gas line unconnected. Doesn't look like there will be hot shower for me tonight *sniff*

Went to the baseball game with Karen last night. A's won!
Went to the baseball game today - by myself. A's won! Karen was busy, so were various friends and it was too dang hot to take Kyle. Kyle wouldn't have lasted two innings. So, I'm sitting in my normal seat, enjoying the game and Stomper ambles by. He stops, and next thing I know, his trunk is up to my face and he gives me a smooch. *grin* Ahh.. heart be still. He's a sweetie.

Baseball tomorrow - last home game of the regular season - "Fan Appreciation Day". Go A's!
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