Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Somebody on the block is having a loud party. Not music loud, just people loud.

Note to self: take kids to park and have them run around for a long while before taking them to crafts fair.

Kids enjoyed talking to the firefighters and admiring the ladder truck next to the Fort Mason Festival Pavillion. Ladder truck was out for cleaning. Kyle was fascinated with the ladder and wanted to know why the ladder was soooo tall. The firefighters were kind enough to give the kids sticker badges, coloring books and bright red plastic fire chief hats. Cool!

Glass pusher had some brand new glass patterns. Evil Man. G poinged big time, so I got her the sun setting glass piece with lots of purply sky for last Christmas' gift instead of trip to home depot for spring gardening stuff. Bought a few small pieces for me and possible prezzies. Kyle fell in love with a lovely wooden flute that cost over $60. Rats. Will pick him up $10 soprano recorder instead at the mall.

Alani didn't want to look at stuff. She wanted to go outside and watch the waves and birds and boats and... *sigh* Stubborn she is.

After a couple of hours, we drove down to Pier 39. I think everybody and their brother and long lost cousin was there. No parking in the Pier 39 garage. That's very rare. Had a late lunch at Pier Market again. G had the crab louie, the kids had chicken strips and fries and I had the ahi tuna steak. "How would you like your tuna cooked?" "As rare as possible." Good lunch.

Kids loved the carousel and Kyle loved the arcade. Especially the stuff with the guns. Guess Daddy lets him play those, but Mommy & aunties usually won't. At least not the ones that shoot at people. Wee melt down, but he did get to play the Jurassic Park one and the Star Wars defend the ice planet one. Watching the latter one was making me motion sick - diving & flying sideways x-wing fighter or whatever it was and shooting the imperial storm troopers tank thingies. Kyle flies every which way. bleech.

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