Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Up, up and away

Just got back from dropping K off at SFO - she's off to India with her friend Annie. Her itinerary looks like a plane trip from hell

Depart SFO 11:45pm to Hong Kong arriving at 6:30am
(14 hours 45 minute flight)

Depart Hong Kong 2:35pm to Bangkok, Thailand, arriving at 4:35pm
(2 hours 50 minutes)

Depart Bangkok at 5:30pm to Bombay, India, arriving at 8:05pm
(4 hours 5 minutes)

Stay at friend's cousin for the night

The final leg of her trip takes place the follow morning -
Depart Bombay at 9:45am to Mangalore, India, arriving at 11am
(1 hour 15 minutes)

And then she'll have to do the same thing on the return trip

She & Annie are teaching a week long PT class. In between time, they'll be doing some sightseeing and visiting Annie's friends and family.

The trip started out *interestingly*. We got to the airport by 8:45pm. Annie was supposed to be there around 9pm. 9:15, 9:30, 9:40 - ah, there she was. Got to meet her parents, brother, sister and niece?. Took them half an hour to go through the line to check in. Karen made it through security with no problem, but Annie set off the machine. They did the wand thing, but she then got pulled off to the side. Couldn't see if it was another area or room. I think she ended up getting pulled aside and having to do the full security search. Oy.

Should head off to bed - picking up G & da kiddies at 9:30 and then heading out to Fort Mason for the Contempory Crafts Fair. Wonder what new stuff da glass pusher will have?

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