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List of things to do this week.

  1. Call Glass Pusher - he'll be at the Fort Mason Crafts Fair this weekend. Boy is my wallet in trouble!

  2. Call Travelocity/Insight Vacations. Was supposed to have gotten air itinerary via email and haven't seen anything yet.

  3. Bring Karen's Turnturi exercise bike over to Gayle's

  4. Do taxes so that I can get my refund!

  5. Buy new pair of black boots. Last pair died

  6. Order Southern Faire tickets

  7. Make sure that I have Karen's current alarm code so that I don't cause a major incident

  8. Buy DIET PEPSI - am down to last six pack

Stolen from ame_chan
If you call me...

I usually go by Debbie or Deb.

Some people call me Debbie-chan (grandma did) or Nami-chan

If you know me as DebMats - you probably know me from AIM.

If you call me Nami, you probably know me just from IRC

If you call me Debora, you're probably my Russian prof or my high school French teacher. Oh, or my cousin Lucy - and she makes it over 4 syllables long. Though I very rarely got called Debora when I was in trouble - Mom's tone of voice could make the sweetest words sound very baaaad.

If you call me Auntie Debbie or Auntie Deb, you're one of a special group of people =)

If you call me Marcie, you know me from volleyball - both high school and church.

If you call me Matsuura - you're probably one of the guys from high school or Eric the sysadmin from San Bruno.

If you call me Pine Tree, you know me from Creative Writing in high school.

If you call me Gajea, you're a dear friend since 3rd grade.

If you call me Debee or Debee yos'Dementos, you know me from the Friends of Liad list.

If you call me Lady Deb or Goddess of the Long & Winding Roads & Old Beatles Songs, you know me from the Bower.

If you call me Dobby, you're Alani sweetums, though Kyle used to call me that too

If you call me Dearheart, then you're my sister Lambkins. *grin*

Added 03-21-04: If you call me Debby, you were my Auntie Haru (but I spell my name "ie", Auntie. Auntie: "I like it better with a "y") or you're Badger



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Mar. 11th, 2004 11:19 am (UTC)
I'd help ya with the not getting the air itin thing but I can't access that part of the system. So far my office doesn't do the tour packages.
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