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Song bits stuck in my head...

Bits from Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff's We are the Cubs Fans - written when the the cubs lost the playoffs - in no particular order (cuz I can't remember exactly)

"We are the cubs fans, my friends" & "We're not the champions, once again"

And then there's the HP filk to the tune of Stairway to Heaven
"...and he's riding on the railway to Hogwarts"

Will definitely have to get their next parody album! It's supposed to be out soon...

There's Urban Tapestry's A Neurotic Love Song. The whole doo wop of "Jean-Luc, Jean-Luc, You're my kind of man". Had that one line stuck in my off and on all today! Dang.

Franklin and his filk of Pon Fahr, Pon Fahr (New York, New York) - complete with black suit, glass of booze and cigarette (which somehow ended up in drink *grin*)

03-09-04 09:11am: A few more bits...
The fab 5 song sung to a fab 4 song. Need a copy of that one.

and then there's:
"Come to Mordor, right now - and bring the ring!"
Tags: consonance, filk

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