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It's good to be back home again.

Debated on whether to go work this morning. Woke up still congested. Checked schedule and realized that we would be at bare minimum host analyst staffing level, and one person was leaving at half day. Decided it would be best if I went in.

Shower helped lots. Wished I could have done the steam room/hot tub/cold plunge the night before. Oh well. Decided at that point that since I was going to drive all the way to Redwood City, I'd go to Consonance.

Tried to go to the Consonance website so that I could get the street address and registration time. Uh oh! WebSense, our internet censor, said that I could not go to that website, I could not pass go, I could not collect $200. I was "reported". Hmmmm. Talked to techie Dave and asked if Websense had changed. He didn't think it should have done the "baad girl" thing to me and referred me to WebSense guru Michael. Michael said the site should be accessible as it was entertainment.

Well, Michael tried a number of things and every time I tried to access the site after he said it was fixed, I got the "You are not allowed to view this site" message. He finally figured out that the consonance url was redirecting to another site. The server is fauxpaws.com - a furry site - which had some adult pictures and such - which is a no-no.

Had to then explain to Michael what "furry" meant. Oy. He wanted confirmation as to what he had seen - ah yes, furry pictures. Well, it was his birthday and it was good that he learned something new. *weg*

Got to the con a little after 6:30. Had found out earlier that Steve MacDonald's concert was on Sunday, not Friday =(. Friday, he was a hosting a themed circle. Went to that and enjoyed it. Also went to Steve Savitsky's concert and the Magic 8 Ball concert. Enjoyed both. The Magic 8 ball concert has several people volunteering to do a number of songs, and each song is put on a piece of paper and thrown into a hat. Somebody from the audience asks a question, and a song is selected from the hat. The volunteer performs the song, and the two oracles interpret the song to give to the answer to the question. T'was fun and hilarious in some places.

Met up with Joey and his sister Linda when I was leaving. We're going to do dim sum later this morning. Guess I should get some sleep.

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