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My computer hates me

A's lost tonight. waaaaaahhhh!

My pc hates me. I went to install the microsoft xp service pack 1 and ended up with a dead pc. RIP and all that. Basically what happened is the windows activation file got corrupted and the system was unable to access it, so, guess what? No WINDOWS. Couldn't even get on to get the little message that tells you how to fix it.

Got the fix from Dell - unfortunately, now I am unable to start the remote access manager service, so I can't use dsl and aol doesn't like my internet connection. My machine refuses to believe that *I* am the system administrator. Go figure. *sigh*

After a frustrating day - can't even get my old pc to access dsl anymore, I'm taking my pc to work and giving it over to the techies. Maybe they can figure it out.
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