Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Spent the evening with Alani sweetums. Gayle & Kyle went to the Warrior game (the preschool got a block of tickets...) Alani and I watched Little Mermaid - twice. What can I say, she liked it. I had never seen the movie (vhs tape was still shrink wrapped and I think I bought it in 1998) Alani likes Sebastian.

Found out from Gayle that Kyle was indeed sick - had some kind of bug and it involved tossing cookies on Monday too. Kyle has now seen LotR:RotK because Steve took him either Monday or Tuesday. Gayle was not amused. Kyle was happy.

Going to Foxy's for dinner and more karaoke revolution tomorrow night. Hoping that a bribe of good wine will get me pesto risotto.
Tags: family, friends, kids

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