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Oy, day is not starting out well

Gave Kyle & Alani (well more so Kyle) the choice of where they'd like to go today. See lions, tigers and bears and penguins at the SF Zoo (they've never been there); Go see the fishes at Monterey Bay Aquarium; Go to Children's Fairyland (kyle's been there, alani has not)

Kyle wanted to see the animals. So we headed off the zoo. About half way there, Kyle said his tummy hurt and that he sometimes felt that way from driving. We're almost at the zoo - we're almost at the turn off. And then I hear the familiar sounds coming from the back seat. Bleeeeech.

Ugh. I find a place I can turn off and park. Poor kid. "Auntie Debbie, I don't like throwing up" Kyle was a very unhappy camper. Lots of sobs. =( Cleaned up kid. Sat him in the front seat, wrapped up in his sweatshirt and and my jacket. Made him drink some water while I cleaned up the car seat. Alani just looked in interest. Thank goodness she didn't inherit the "join the toss cookies club" gene. (car trips were memorable in our car. If one of us kids got sick, Mom got sick and if grandma was in the car, she joined in too.)

Kyle felt much better - enough that when he saw the sugar cookies in a bag in the front seat he said he felt well enough to have one. Thought about it and figured it was breadish enough to try. They stayed down.

Tried to continue zoo trip because he was feeling better. Decided to stop by a store to pick up new set of clothes as there were none in the diaper bag and the ones he had were cleaned up but still smelled bad. After driving a bit, he said he still didn't feel good, so we abandoned the clothes search and just drove home.

Both kids zonked on the way home - Alani's still out. Kyle is watching the Iron Giant again. Will let Alani sleep for a bit longer and see about getting lunch.



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Feb. 15th, 2004 03:39 pm (UTC)
awww... poor kyle. :( Nothing sadder than a kiddo with the sickies...

And yes, sugar cookies make a great post-sick stomach settler. ;) I know from experience... hee...

hope your day with the sweeties got better...
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