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Splash splash is good...

Decided that I needed a wee pick me up. Work's been nonstop the last few weeks and the weekends have been busy too. Went to Water Course Way for an evening of splashing. Got Stars (room 8) - hot tub, sauna and cold plunge. Cold plunge was very cold tonight. Feeling a wee bit run down from sniffles - definitely picked something somewhere.

Sunday, I went over to Karen's and we took the kids to the park. Gayle's working most Sundays, so K & I are watching the kids. I get the kids all by myself next Sunday - maybe I'll take them to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Then I met trektone and his sister Linda at Rosenblum's for the quarterly open house. Nothing new to try (unless you were into Zins). Did end up buying a case of the Kangaroo Cabernet Sauvignon (oooh on sale! 50% off plus 20% on top of that!) and two bottles of the vognier. Picked up two bottles of the vanilla port for herefox.

Monday evening was insane and fun! Foxy invited me over for dinner and then made me play Karaoke Revolution. nikari and Charlie played too. I made them all go before me and tried to get out of it - but I made them sing along when it was my turn. It's like Dance Dance Revolution, but you have to sing - on pitch, on beat, and the correct length of each note. It was a blast. Poor neighbors *grin*. It was fun to watch my character get all glowly pink when I did well.
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