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World Con - Day 5 (Monday)

Ooooh, lots of things going on that day. I think most of us woke up because we forgot to close the curtains and that big white thingy in the sky was mighty bright. FOOOOM... ashes to ashes?

Anyway, we crawled out of bed/sleeping bags. Slowly - very, slowly *g*
Joey left his stuff cuz he had to take a few people to the airport. He'd be back at 10:30 or so. I was going to do the airport run at 11:30 - Angie had a 1:50 flight back to Vegas. Walked over to the Con so Alex could get Plan B signed by Steve & Sharon and so that Mat & I could also say good bye to them.

Back to hotel. Packed up my stuff. Ack! Where did all this stuff come from? More books. More art prints. The only thing that there was less of was FOOD and DP. Oh well. I also had to pack up the stuff from the Liaden Lounge as they were checking out at 11:30. Mat was kind enough to wait for the bell hop to pick up all the luggage (11 pieces for 3 people!)

Original plan for me was to go to the Con and get LMB to sign my copy of the Curse of Chalion and then take Angie to the airport, but just couldn't get my act together. I was supposed to meet Angie down in the lobby around 11:30, and as it turned out, I could have gone ahead and gotten the book signed as the Liaden Suite buddies were running on very slow too - plus it took them a while to get the bill split 4 ways at the check out desk.

Got Angie to the airport with time to spare. Checked out of hotel - wanted to make sure we were still guests of hotel when I brought the van back. I still can't believe the hotel charged $18 a day for guest parking. Went to Con & was in the last bunch of people to get their books signed by LMB. Life was good.

Somehow, I met up with Alex. I can't remember how, but I did *grin* Mat wanted to hit the last two Buffy panels of the Con, so Alex & I hit Tapesty in Talent street faire. OOOOOOOH not good. Bought Fwishy the rest of his birthday/xmas prezzie. *weg*. Introduced Alex to the joys of Nancy Chien-Eriksen's art. Mwhahahaha... He had to buy "Diana". I love her stuff. If I had more wall space and more money... *sigh* Alex found these nifty hair wraps for his nieces - purple with silver trim.

Caught Alex in mid *poing* *weg*. He had fallen in love with a green paper mache` mermaid. He's slowly learning about the bower poing. *g* It's sooo much fun to catch somebody in a poing. Love giving prezzies.

We wandered around for over 2 hours - heard the warning about keeping hydrated as it was mid 90's. Went back to the hotel and found a comfy chair in the atrium/bar area and plopped ourselves down to wait for Mat. OOOh... tired feet. Joshua, a friend of Alex's, sat down in the chair across from us and chatted. There are very few people who talk as slow as Joshua does *g*. Steve & Sharon wandered in and also sat across from us. AC and place to rest feet - that seemed to be the common need. David Rowe and Wendy Wong pulled up chairs and we had a very nice chat about the Con and cat stories. Joshua, who is Tanya Huff's agent also, neogotiated the Russian rights to the Liaden series. I need to get a copy of them in Russian - just for the heck of it. It may take me a thousand years to read them - my Russian is soooo rusty. *sigh*

Mat made it back to the hotel in one piece... didn't melt along the way. We talked for a bit more and then everybody headed out their separate ways. Picked up Eeyore and loaded up all the luggage. We realized that we were missing the art prints. Had to go search the luggage room, but we were able to find them.

Homeward bound, I wish I was, homeward bound...

Back to Alameda. Dropped off Alex's stuff, grabbed Lee and then we ended up at Applebee's for dinner. More chatting and laughing inbetween stuffing our faces. I think I had a sandwich with Alex, but I'm not sure. Can't remember *g* Dropped Alex & Lee off. Unpacked the van. Where did all the stuff come from? Went into the backroom for a minute and came back to a sleeping Mat. Gave in and went to bed. Ahhhh... my own bed...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

And thus ends the tale of my first World Con.
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