Debbie (debmats) wrote,

I Survived Fan Fest

Had a good time at the A's Fan Fest with Kyle and Alani. We were there from 10am until 3pm. I survived. Go Me!

Kyle was a wee bit confused as to why all these people (approximately 23,000 other rabid A's fans) were here - we had to wait in a line "as long as at Disneyland" in order to get in. The line started at the BART over crossing and went all the way along the the north side of the Coliseum down to gate D. "How come there is no game today?"

Spent the first couple of hours down on the field where the kids stuff was all set up - the giant slide, the giant inflatable Mr. Bookworm wind tunnel, the bouncy ball thingy, the rock climbing tower ("no, Kyle, you can't do that one until you're 10!")and some other stuff. Kyle loved the slide. You got to ride down it while sitting on a tarp mat. Even had a place to stick your feet in so you didn't fall off. No more burlap sack. The attendant at the top managed to snag Kyle before he went sliding without the tarp, face first. Oy. He was a bit excited. *grin* Alani got as far as the entrance to the worm tunnel and changed her mind when the "door" opened and all the wind blew in her face. She would not even follow her beloved Kyle through it, though she tried twice.

While running around on the field, managed to lose Kyle once (be still heart) but found him jumping up and down in front of the bouncy ball thing. This is what happens when you're paying attention to Alani. Later, misplaced Alani for a second while she and Kyle and a couple of other little kids chased each other while we were waiting in line for the worm tunnel. Father of one of the chasing/chased kids was quick to point me in her direction.
I do not have the "eyes in back of the head" yet.

Managed to lose Kyle jacket. Back tracked, but didn't find it. Fortunately, somebody found it and called Gayle (name & phone number written on tag) and said that they'd mail it to her.

Sat up in the stands while eating pepperoni pizza and soda. Both kids love pepperoni pizza. And cotton candy - bright pink cotton candy. The kids and I were all over the coliseum, so I did make sure the sugar was used up. Saw "Chipper" the CHP chipmunk - Alani did keep her distance. Kids talked to fire fighters, and police officers. Alani tried to share her red tootsie roll pop with a guide dog for the blind black lab trainee. Kyle tried the speed pitch. His throws actually made it to the backstop with a thud. Oy! One of the rap radio stations was there, and Alani showed her enjoyment of the music by dancing.

I did enjoy listening to the question & answer sessions which were shown on diamond vision and on the little tv's all over the stadium.

Need to take some advil. Alani is now 26 pounds. I forgot to bring the stroller. I did get my exercise today. *grin*

Had dinner at Gayle's. The kids and I amused ourselves by sitting in van. They had my sleeping bag made into a tent in the back seat and enjoyed using the bright fluorescent lantern. Played frisbee baseball with Kyle. Only sent the frisbee into the next yard once.
Tags: a's, family, kids

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