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World Con - Day 4 (Sunday)

Got up very early - something like 7AM eeeek! Not the most pleasant thing to do when you went to bed very late. *sigh* Liaden Breakfast at 8am, down at the Fountain restaurant on the first floor of the Fairmont. Food? Much too early to think about it.

Somehow, Alex, Mat, Sean & I all made it downstairs to breakfast before 8am. We were the first ones there. GO US! *g* Soon we were joined by Elaine, Thuy, Angie, Kevin, Ur Sid, Sharon & Steve. Had a very nice chat with favorite authors over a buffet breakfast.

Ur Sid decided to spend the rest of the Con with me. Spent the next hour or so chatting up in the room - Alex and I somehow managed to get on the subject of being at ground zero for births of nieces. Mat & Sean were mighty quiet during the conversation *grin* Alex was his sister's birthing coach. Me? When Alani was born I was right there - only the doctor had a better view *g*

Back to the Con It was after 10 by then, so we all went over to the Art room and then over to the dealers' room again. Spent lots of time looking at the button shop. My favorite one was "Oh bother" said the Borg. " We've just assimilated Pooh"

Also bought a couple of signed copies of Charles De Lint's books YAY!

Went to the 1pm panel called "Writing Romantic SciFi" Sharon being on the panel was one of the main reasons I wanted to go. There were two more late additions - Susan Krinard (yay! - also a liaden fan), Catherine Asaro & Jacqueline Litchenberg. JL was very very psyched because she and Jean Lorrah had signed with Meisha Merlin to publish all of their oop Sime-Gen Universe books. Unfortunately, she took every chance she could to push her books. A wee bit rude, I think. I think CA who was facilitating the panel, needed to have a bit more control; other than that it was an interesting panel.

One of the questions asked to Sharon was how does writing love scenes with your husband go... CA quickly popped up about no in depth details would be forthcoming or something like that. Sharon and Steve both answered the question (Steve was in the audience). They basically talk the story out over the kitchen table and then Sharon does the first draft (because she's the faster typist) and Steve does the 2nd. Yes, very good thing that Steve does the 2nd draft - we've heard too many stories about Sharon and her joy of cutting stories off at the major cliff hanger point *g*

After the panel, Alex and Mat wandered off and I took Foxy home. Got to listen to the A's game... Go A's!

Back at the Con. Hit the 5:30 reading by P.C. Hodgell. She read a story from her Blood & Ivory anthology. She was kind enough to sign all 3 books that I brought. Yay! She wasn't able to finish the story - ran out of time - very very glad that I could finish reading it on my own.

Mat and I went to the Art room and picked up the stuff we'd won. I did get the Painter: Boy from Burren lithograph. Go me! Mat won 5 of the 8 items which he had bidded on. Mat was complaining that Alex didn't poing very well, and if Mat had known that Alex hadn't upped the bid on the lithograph Alex had wanted, Mat would have bidded and probably gotten if for him. Alex must learn - poinging is a necessary skill for Bower Folk *g* Picked up a couple other prints too. Me Bad, but Mat much worse *g*

Mat & I ended up eating dinner at the Pagoda restaurant in the Fairmont. Didn't feel like going out and trying to find something. 4 days of con and lots and lots of standing around and walking. Feet were tired. I was tired. Needed a time out from all the people. Dinner was simple - Mat wanted fried rice, I had rice and shrimp in lobster sauce. It was okay - Chin's is much better and a lot cheaper *g* Went back upstairs and chilled.

Went to the filkers room and listened to Leslie Fish for a while. She's definitely fun to watch. Once she was done, she invited everybody back to her room for more filking, but I decided not to go as it was definitely going to be smoky and crowded. Did I mention I was feeling like I needed a time out?

Back to the room. Alex came into the room and said that Joey was going to find a corner and play for him. Filkers that Mat & I are, we immediately asked " can we go too???" Alex wanted to freshen up, so I went over to the Embiid Party for a bit. Wanted to check in with Elaine and find out about what time I should be by on Monday to clear out gear.

Met Joey down by the filkers rooms I think he was a bit surprised that Mat & I crashed the party. We found a corner by the Con newspaper room and Joey started to play. Another friend of his came by named Lori? Laura? Leslie? and joined the group. We were then asked to find another place to play by the newspaper group as they were on deadline *g*. Oops. Lori (?) found us another room - looked like they had held a writers workshop there and we made Joey play for the next 4 hours mwhahahahaha. I wasn't familiar with a lot of the songs, made it difficult to join in. I think Mat was the most familiar with the tunes. I did have to laugh when Joey started singing bits of Japanese folk songs. Stuff I knew, but had no idea what I was singing. Joey's got a lovely voice and the time went by really fast. I think we did almost all the verses of the Horse Tamer's Daughter *g* Supposedly, it takes about 15 minutes to sing the entire song, but fortunately (?), Joey skipped a few verses. There's one song he did that I'd love to get his version on cd. It's called Cranes Over Hiroshima and basically it's the story of Sadako and the Thousand Cranes. The story has always touched something deep inside and the song was even more soul stirring. *sigh*

Back to room. No Klingons or skunks in sight. Actually no noises from parties either. Yay! We managed to out last them! Sleep? Who needs sleep? We ended up chatting for a while. Joey warned us that he snored and then was puzzled when we all laughed. Yup. We informed him that he was to be a guest in the only room with syncopated snoring. *g* Alex was asleep first... "zzzz". Then Mat. I didn't hear Joey snore, so I guess he got it from all 3 *speakers*. Oh well.
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