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Odd Jobs...

Was reading greenmtnboy18's lj today and he mentioned working for a radiologist. Me too. So I got thinking, what sort of jobs have I had? Not all of them paid - my radiology job was volunteer.

What kind of jobs have you done?

I had to do to chores around the house to earn money above my allowance. Car washing was 50 cents. Mowing the lawn was something else. Pulling weeds. Scrubbing the floor. Stuff like that.

Then there was babysitting. I actually did not do a lot of it and majority of the kids I watched were past diaper stage. Do I need to mention that changing number two diapers used to make me heave? My most steady babysitting, well not so much babysitting, I was maybe 14-15 and that would make the oldest kid 10 or 11 and the youngest 6 or so, was watching the kids across the street while their parents bowled Thursday nights. (That was the same league I eventually worked as a secretary for years later.)

One of the earliest paid jobs was stuffing holiday mailers for the furniture store Mom worked at. I think we got a dollar an hour each.

Anybody remember Pop Shoppes? One of the local Chevron gas stations had converted their garage bay into a store stocked with all kinds of flavored sodas. My job was to ask customers (full service station - none of this self service stuff) what type of soda they'd like to try and bring them samples. My favorite? Pineapple.

Was a boy scout medical explorer all the way through high school. Think candy striper. I helped out on the wards, running errands, feeding patients; also worked in the main lobby, giving out information on patient room numbers, escorting incoming patients to their rooms; and this is where I worked in x-ray. I escorted patients to and from x-ray (oooh wheelchairs - small rooms made logistics interesting), developed x-rays, pulled files, answered phones and once got to push the button on the x-ray machine when tech smashed his finger and needed to see if he'd broken it. Also worked blood pressure clinics and I always managed to get the guy with the tree trunk arms which made taking bp difficult.

Worked a couple of flu shot clinics. I was a "screener". They had a list of 20-25 questions that had to be asked before a person got their shot - Are you allergic to eggs? Do you have any one of these diseases... etc. Based on what they answered they got color coded and went to the respective station to get their shots.

Worked at the City Library my junior/senior years of high school. Would have probably worked all the way through college except we all got laid off due to Prop 13 - Jarvis Gann Property tax reduction. Shelved books, pulled magazines and newspapers from the dusty stacks, catalogued paperbacks, worked the front desk, worked the children's front desk.

Bussed tables at CSUH's cafeteria. That job lasted all of one quarter - not enough to do - made me crazy. Paid minimum wage but it did include one meal a day *g*. Also worked the hot dog stand at the football games.

My 2nd and final college job lasted 8 years (yeah, I get into rut and I stay there). Started out as clerical help - stuffing invoices and filing. Started doing some programming in basic - mostly form letters. Computer operator stuff. Back up on payroll. All programming. Accounts Payable. Accounts Receivable. Invoicing. All Payroll. Bank Reconciliation. I think I did everything except sell *grin*. I did their payroll for more two years after I left the company.

Have been programming ever since.

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