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Catch up...

Lots of stuff going on.

Last Thursday, I worked half day and then I went up to SFO to pick up Sony's son Tadesse. He was coming in on a United flight so I went to concourse F. Went to the ticket counter as per instructions. Turned out T was coming in on an Air Canada plane rather than a United and I need to go over to concourse 1 - which was all the way on the opposite end of the airport. Walked fast enough across the airport that I got stopped by a cop. *grin* Told him I had been directed to the wrong place and I had to hurry because I was picking up an 11 year old and... he just smiled and let me go on my way. Got to the Air Canada ticket counter and was told that I couldn't go to the gate, but that T would be escorted to the end of the security barrier and I could meet him there. Was waiting for all of 5 minutes when I heard "Auntie Deb". The lady escorting T checked my i.d. - though all it said on her slip was "Auntie Deb" - not Debbie Matsuura *grin*

Made it up to Yreka by 6pm. Did talk to T a bit about the situation, but didn't go too deep. (Thanks greenmtnboy18 !)

Found out more about Richard. The casino bus never came, so he and 3 other people (strangers - 1 man & 2 women) drove up to Medford and spent the day gambling. He had had a great time and had won money. He dropped off his passengers at the meeting point (Walmart) and for some reason got on the freeway to go home - maybe he was a bit disoriented, maybe just tired, maybe both - who knows. He apparently missed the Yreka exit and ended up driving back toward Oregon. They think he felt the heart attack coming on and pulled over and then passed away. The only reason the family found this out is that one of Richard's passengers called the house and explained that he was probably the last person to see Richard alive. He and Richard had really hit it off and talked all the way up and back - lots of shared life experiences. One of the ladies came to Richard's memorial service and she too said that the two men really hit it off and that she couldn't get a word in edgewise *grin*

Val said that finding out that his last day was wonderful comforted her like nothing else.

Had a sort of mini wake for him Friday night - Dave was putting together the eulogy and had us all telling "Richard stories". I've known Richard since Sony & Dave got married - almost 20 years now. In 1976, he suffered massive head injuries in a car accident and was never the same. Still very sharp about somethings, but not others. Some common sense issues. He was forever trying to play matchmaker - one guy spoke no English, another was like 20 years older than me. Or he'd some up with some plan to get me to meet one of his friend's attorney son at the race track. Since Richard & Val lived around the corner from me, there were quite a few times when I'd open the door to find Richard, dressed in pajamas, slippers and bathrobe, with yet another scheme. Oy. I think Sony & Dave finally convinced him to stop.

When Mom was in the hospital, Richard stopped by most days, bringing bottles of diet pepsi, munchies and once, a thermos of his homemade lentil soup. He made a FANTASTIC lentil soup. He was always giving or doing stuff for people.

Paul is doing better. He's gotten some movement back in his leg - keep fingers crossed and candles lit. The fracture in the sacrum runs lengthwise rather than width wise along the spine. There still is a danger because of that - probably why the prognosis is so long and conservative. Did get some talking time in - but with so much going on, not as much as I would have liked. He's maneuvering himself pretty well in the wheelchair, but they need to get some sort of ramp built asap. Sony and I had kittens when we had to get him down the front stairs by ourselves. Currently, Paul is limited to two hours a day in the wheelchair and not all at one time. It's hard to keep him to that and being in his room all the time makes him nuts.

Was interesting seeing some of Dave's friends after all this time. Used to see them often, but once Dave & Sony moved away from the Bay Area, I rarely saw them. Kelly & Mike's oldest son Noah is 16 now - I hadn't seen him since he was 3 I think. Only recognized him by his eyes. Oy.

Things are also difficult in that an adult needs to be there at the house with Paul - adult must also be strong enough to be able to help move/brace/lift to a certain extent Paul - who is a healthy 16 almost 17 year old athletic teenager. This rules out both grandmothers. Home health aide is not covered by insurance, so she and Dave are scrambling to work it out.

Didn't know that MB had been married once before. It's weird when you find something out after almost 30 years of knowing somebody.

When I drove by Davis, Sunday, I "waved" to sillermoon

Monday night, tried a new Italian/Mediterranean restaurant with herefox. Zucca's was good - liked the lentil soup and the grilled salmon with garlic mashed potatoes in a red pepper sauce was lovely. Loved the borsao! Enjoyed the pumpkin baklava with pumpkin gelato - never thought of combining pumpkin and baklava.

Window repair person is coming by today (not sure, he said he was going to call Tuesday to confirm and haven't heard a thing)to fix living room and bedroom windows that have been broken for 3 months.
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