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Two things not to do...

1. Lying on your back and reading a hardback book is fine except when you're sleepy. Having book smack you in the face is NOT GOOD.

2. Also to do with falling asleep. Dozing off when wearing your glasses is also NOT GOOD, especially when you awaken with a sore eye from having said glasses some how smoosh you in the eye.

Books I've read and enjoyed this past week...
Robert Ludlam's Tristan Betrayal
Elizabeth Moon's Trading in Danger: Want more.
Elizabeth English's The Linnet: Now have to go out and get her other two books which deal with continuing characters.
Some of the series romances in my TBR mountain.

I played DDR today... Go ME! I've had DDR Max2 for quite a while now, and while I've played it at herefox's, I haven't played it here.
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