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Well 2004 is starting out with a bang *sigh*

Got an email from my other sister, Sony. (We used to say we fought too much to be friends, so we must be sisters *g*) She decided to email rather than to call because everything was too overwhelming. Richard, her father-in-law, had been missing for over 24 hours. This morning, the cops found his body by his car - they think he had had a heart attack. Damn.

The family was already dealing with Paul's injuries from a snowboarding jump gone horribly wrong. Last Friday, Paul fell 35 feet and broke his pelvis in 3 places and fractured his sacrum (bottom of spine). He can't move his right leg, but the doctors are hoping that that's temporary. He's home in a hospital bed.

Please keep Sony, Dave, Paul, Shawna & Tadesse, Mom Burns and Val in your prayers. Thanks.
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