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Oy, day did not start too well. Woke up and looked at the clock and freaked! I had slept through three alarms! Had got home early that morning and knew that I had to be up early. Had problems sleeping as I was still in post concert bounce mode. Eeeeeeekkkkk!!!

Managed to get Lee to airport by 8:30am. Half an hour later than I had planned. Next time I have to take somebody to the airport early, I will have them call me with a wake up call. Thank goodness that the airport is close.

Spent part of the day with the kids. Kyle was subdued and was pushing limits. Anger and anxiety - bad combo. Damn. S was packing his stuff up, so G & kids were out of the house most of the day.

Gave kids lots of hugs. Watched the first half of Pocohantas - I don't think I've seen the movie in its entirety.

G is working tomorrow, so K will be watching the kids. I'll probably go over for 2nd shift - it depends on how much I have to work. Will be waiting on call that system migration vendors are done with their part.
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