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World Con - Day 3

Saturday. What the heck did I do?

I don't remember doing breakfast - must have just grabbed a muffin. I think we skipped the 10am panel and went over to the Art Show. Mat was madly bidding on 8 pieces? Alex had his eye on a Fire Stone print ('tis a book that he has been begging Tanya Huff to write a sequel to, but has had no luck so far) The original painting was also available, but you needed at least 2-3K to get it. I was bidding on just one item - a print of the cover of Sheila Giully's The Painter: the boy from burren.

11:30 - went to the Patricia McKillip signing. One of my all time favorite books is her Forgotten Beasts of Eld. It was one of the first few hardback books that I had bought when I was a teenager. Found a copy of it in the Dealers' Room, so I had her sign it so I could give a copy to Alani and Kyle. "Next generation" and she smiled when I told her who it was for...

Foxy had gone over to watch the Sword Fighting Demo. Saw Joey wandering around while I was waiting in line. He came over and we chatted until I got my book signed. I told him where he could find Alex. It was funny, he had yet another book for Alex to sign. Most people will have an author sign all the books at one time. Not Joey. Nope. He would like choose a crowded spot somewhere at the con (once it was in the outer concourse. Another time it was in the autographing room) and walk up to Alex and say something like "HI! You're Alex Potter! Would you sign my book???" He had it planned that he'd do this everyday of the Con.

1pm - One of the other panels that I had wanted to see, if only because the title intrigued me, was "Spam in a Sardine Can" It had to do with the failures of underwater tv shows and movies. Another was "Computer Folklore: Tales from the Geekside". We actually ended up at the "Costuming from the Cirque du Soleil", however the panel guest was a no show. Bagged the lot and Foxy & I went over to the Dealers' Room for some serious shopping. Foxy & I are dangerous together when we go shopping. Poooooor wallets. Much ooohing and ahhing...

2:30: More conflicts. Drat. "Cat Vacuuming: Strange Things Writers Do When They're Not Writing". A Q & A session with Bjo & John Trimble. I have admired Bjo Trimble for eons - she's the fan that started the letter writing campaign that got Star Trek renewed for the 3rd season. Ended up at the "Creating Memorable Characters" mainly because two authors of some of my favorite characters were on the panel - Sharon Lee & Lois McMaster Bujold.

4pm: More signings! Got the Trimbles to sign my poor beaten up copy of the Star Trek Concordance. Boy, I read through that thing sooooo many times. Mine is a second edition. The lady behind me in line, had the first edition - Blue paper cover with xeroxed sheets. Also an addendum copy for the 3rd season. Oy!.

Back in the Dealers' Room. Foxy dragged me over to a booth that that had lots of ooooh shiney *poing* pretties. "You have to see this!!" Foxy ended up with a black velvet jacket trimmed in silver. It's gorgeous. He also had his eye on a black silk shirt. (Drat, I went back for it later, but didn't know what size he wanted.) Walked over to the Meisha Merlin table and did get Beth Hilgartner to sign her newest book. Unfortunately, the other person signing was Lee Killough - I didn't know she was going to be at the Con and all my books were at HOME. She said that she wished that the Con had a list of attending authors, not just the authors who were involved in an activity. *darn*

Back to the hotel by 5pm.

Went to Keith Hartman's reading in the GLBT suite. He did a bit from a screen play he had written called Guns, Girls and Other Dangerous Things. Actually it was more like radio play - he had several friends read the different parts. It was fun. To see more, go to his web page.

At 5:30, listened to Alex read his story from Bending The Landscape: Horror. It made me cry and I hate crying in public *g*. The anthology was up for a Spectrum award and it won!!! This story is actually the 2nd one of three that he has written. He's promised to send me the first one. I will *remind* him until he remembers *g*. The 3rd one is in an anthology partially entitled Carmen Miranda's Ghost. Have to find it if I want to know the rest of the story *sigh*

Paulie and Noah met Sean, Mat & me up in the room. We went off to dinner at Bella Mia. Yummy food, I had a delicious seafood pasta dish. I think we had a pinot grigio wine with dinner??? Whatever it was, it was good. Gads, my memory is all screwed up.

Went back to the room - I headed out to the Meisha Merlin Party where I chatted with Chris Huning and his fiancee Maria. We welcomed and passed out name badge stickers, I Dare postcards and of course, Liaden Lounge Lizards. Some how, the lizards ended up being thrown at the ceiling where they stuck, until they slowly unstuck and fell to the floor. There were dozens up there... Stephe Pagel remarked to Sharon? Elaine? "No Mommy, I had nothing to do with those lizards getting up there"

Paulie was zonked after a long day of work, so he went home. Mat, Sean & Noah hit the GLBT party, the FurryCon Party and probably a few more on their way. Sean took me back upstairs later to hit the GLBT party, but we didn't stay long. It was crowded and we ended up in one of the bedrooms with a friend pile. Lots of snuggling. You know, I wasn't comfortable there for a number of reasons, but it took me a while to figure out why. 1) I didn't know anybody. 2) Yes, there was a friend pile with lots of snuggling, but it wasn't MY bower friend pile. Felt kind of like a voyeur. 3) I'm just not a party person unless it's with my friends. Big groups of strangers, just don't do it for me. I start looking for my hermit hole. *sigh* As Trish said many many years ago, "Guess Debbie, you're just not going to learn how to party" She did try to teach me. *g*

Bedtime - sometime after midnight
Sleep? Who needs it?
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