Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Happy New Year!

Karen & I headed out to Bay Street shopping center in Emeryville. Went to Zao's for lunch - had pho and pot stickers and spring rolls. Their tea was pretty weak - didn't start tasting good until it had been sitting there the entire meal. Karen & I agree that we like our genmai chai strong enough to strip paint. Decided to postpone the movie until Friday because there wouldn't be enough time to go see LotR:RotK and still get to Gayle's by 6pm. She also wanted to do some shopping - mostly at Aaron Brothers for picture frames. Hit William Sonoma and bought a new cooking spatula. Was eyeing the scone pan, but decided that it was more work to parcel out the dough into the 8 separate compartments rather than slapping the dough in a 9 inch cake pan and slicing it into 8 pieces afterwards.

Stopped by the grocery store to pick up some Martini & Rossi Asti Spumante, carrots, green beans and vinegar & salt kettle style chips. Then went to India Palace to pick up dinner: Lamb palak, chicken tikka masala, bhindi masala, allo gobhi masala, tandoori chicken, rice, raita and of course, lots of naan. I called the order in at 11:45am for pick up at 5:30pm and it was, as usual, not ready. Didn't get out of there until almost 6pm.

Dinner at Gayle's, followed by Pirates of the Caribbean. Spent most of the movie sword fighting with Kyle or bouncing Alani around on those big rubber ball thingy's with a handle. A gold star goes to the lady who made those foam swords - they're wonderful!!! Movie over by 10:30, and the lot of us were wondering how we were going to stay awake until midnight. We're just wusses.

Kyle was very excited to show off the birthday cake that he had helped make for Auntie Karen. He had to try it to make sure it was good - you could tell by the finger prints along the side of the cake *grin*. He had not only cracked the eggs for the cake, but he'd help decorate it by sprinkling the all important Harry Potter candy sprinkles - purple lightning, yellow sorting hats and broken broom sticks.

Alani now sings/hums a few new songs besides the Winnie the Pooh theme. She does the ABC song and ... This is Halloween from Nightmare Before Christmas.

Kids zonked. Adults pretty much zonked, but we did make it to midnight. Hugs and wee glasses of champagne. Karen & I were on the way home by 10 after.

Happy 2004! May it be a happier and better one for everyone.
Tags: family, kids

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