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Spent the past weekend snuggled in bed, battling the Cold that will not DIE. I've had this on going cold since before Thanksgiving - almost get rid of it and then I do something stupid like let my system get run down, and *wham* - it's back again. I also get it back again from spending time with da kiddies - but that's definitely no stupid *grin*. Oh yeah, everybody at work has something or other and we share. =( I have managed to keep it to a "cold" level rather than having it mutate into bronchitis or something worse, so that's a REAL GOOD THING(tm)!

Tuesday, had the official Waffle breakfast at work - it's usually the last working Wednesday or last working day of the year. It started years ago when Maureen (senior accountant) and I were bemoaning the fact that we had to work the last week of the year. Since we both had Mickey Mouse waffle makers, we decided to bring them in and make breakfast for the department. We'd provide the basics (waffles, butter & syrup) and invited everybody else to bring their favorite waffle topping to share.

I think more people were around this year because I went through 16 cups of waffle mix. People brought blueberries, strawberries, oranges, lots of whipped cream and juice. Yup, the blueberry waffle was delicious *grin*

Zipped down to San Jose's Japantown to pick up New Year's Day foods. Fresh mochi, manju, root veggies, pickles - all the fun stuff. Grabbed a quick lunch at the Hukilau - kalua pork & cabbage. Yum.

Went over to Foxy's for dinner. Apple chicken, broccoli, and mashed potatoes. Yum! I brought over a bottle of Athena (dolcetto? red wine) from Viansa. He subjected me to yet another movie - we watched Say Anything. Again, I have to admit that though I cringed when he brought out the movie, I did enjoy it. Played DDR (ugh can truly tell when I haven't played in a while) and then chatted while he played stuff on the keyboards. Am in the mood to pull out the flute and play.

Today, I'm off to celebrate Karen's birthday. She wants to do some shopping and a movie. Dinner will be at Gayle's and I think the baby left a message on my machine that I need to round up dinner. Have no idea when I'm going to do the j-food prep, but I'll get it done by morning *grin*.
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