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Christmas and other stuff

Well, my annual pizza party started out on a bad note. Had fight with baby sister & b-i-l before party even started. Was not feeling very christmassy at that point. Had to also listen to snarky comments during party and after from those same people. Also because of short time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, many people had other commitments so, it was going to be a small party.
Had a couple people who said they were coming, not come, so even smaller gathering.

Had much food and conversation with people who did show up. *grin* wintersweet and hubby assaultdoor came bringing mazipan and christmas 'crackers'! Kyle liked the crackers! Alani wasn't too sure about them. herewiss brought much gingersnaps. Yum! nikari did enjoy all the pizza goodness that is a Zachary's pizza. Did manage to distribute all the leftovers. Go Me!

Saturday, we introduced Nikari to the breakfast goodness that is Ole's. Bacon. Yum. He, Foxy & I did some Christmas shopping - we were brave - went to Fry's. Oy. Insanity. Also hit a game store on el camino, can't remember what it's called. Dropped Nikari off, and then Foxy & I headed back to Alameda. Had a quick dinner at playa picante. Then we picked up Lee and headed out to Union City's Century 25 cinemas to see the 8pm showing of LotR:RotK. Wow. I need to see it again. Love watching Legolas do the acrobatic stuff. It was strange watching all the "endings". Much tears. Was prepared as we brought in lots of kleenix. I need to see it again, soon.

Sunday, Lee, Foxy & I went to Dicken's Christmas Fair. The first thing we did was go to the tea shoppe for high tea. Yum. Have to love the tea (mine was orange spice) plus the scones with butter and lemon curd, the gingerbread and the smoked salmon sandwiches. I think Lee got cucumber sandwiches and Foxy got the jam ones. Actually ran into some people I know - coworker & her hubby and some friends from church. I think I've finally got the 12 days of Christmas as sung by Sal and her buddies "roger tied up witha bow..." Went into one of the costume shops and bought Kyle a morning suit. It's a wee bit big, but he'll grow into it.

Had dinner at Gayle's on Christmas Eve. Did get an apology from her re: some of the stuff the night of my party. So, she and I pretty much okay. B-i-l means well, but just doesn't get it sometimes. He almost got punted. Oh well. Agree to disagree. Do not come to my party to support me. Come because you want to come, not because it's a chore.

Had to be at Gayle's by 10am on Christmas morning. Overslept, so Karen & I got there at 10:20. Kyle was very excited. Very, very excited. *grin* Alani was excited because Kyle was excited plus she had gotten into the sugar cookies. The Sato's who live across from Karen, always make christmas tree cookies that are about 2 inches big. Perfect Alani hand size. *grin*

Kyle got an official light saber and a kids' camera. Alani got one of those kitchen sets (about 100 pieces - plates, cups, mixer, salt & pepper shaker etc) which she had to carefully go through and show off every piece. They got lots of other stuff, but those are the ones they had the most fun with.

Karen & I took the kids over to my cousin's house. Christmas was a lot less formal as it was a buffet instead of a sit down dinner. My cousins - Ted, Barbara & Allison, Anne & Craig, Craig's sister and his mom, Allison's boyfriend Dennis, his parents and his sister Trish, Auntie Mary and her caretaker & her husband. Anne's two kids were away - Luke was in NYC where he's attending graduate school at Columbia and David was in Arizona(?) with his girl friend's family. Anne was not feeling rejected, no not at all. Oy *grin*

It was good. We stayed until 9pm (amazing!!!). Auntie Mary did get a cuddle with Kyle and she was able to snuggle with Alani. Auntie kept saying she'd like to hold Alani for a bit. Alani finally let her. Alani drank her milk while sitting in Auntie's lap. *snuggles* Lots of warm fuzzies.

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