Debbie (debmats) wrote,

grrrr.... more buffy

Okay, season V has been extremely emotional - at least to me

I just sat through the episodes which dealt with Joyce's death.

Found myself weeping most of the way through them. It's bad enough that I was already zapped from the episodes with Joyce being in the hospital and dealing with a possible terminal illness. Tonight I just got to watch the ones where she DIES. Damn. I could so relate to the characters - so relate to the keeping busy up through the funeral. It was truly the week after where things were awful because I had time to think.

I did not need the emotional downer. It's hard enough sometimes to get into the holiday spirit. Couldn't stand staying in the apartment, so I just drove around the island for half an hour. Admired the oooh shiny lights.

Went and read television without pity and felt better afterwards. Wasn't the only one who got zapped by the episodes because they'd gone through the death of a parent. *me baps josh whedon*

Tags: buffy

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