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NYC - February 7th through 11th - Part 1

Ever since I heard that Josh Groban was going to make his Broadway debut in Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 aka The Great Comet, I really wanted to see him in the show. He'd only be in the show until July, so it was better sooner than later.

Come January, trektone offered me free space in his hotel room, as he was going to be in NYC for a Neil Gaiman reading and signing (Norse Mythology). After a bunch of working around work schedule, I took him up on his generous offer!

So the journey to NYC started with an OMG early flight to LaGuardia. 5:55am flight, so I needed to be at the airport at 4am. I ended up getting a great discount via SpotHero - basically 4 days of parking at Fastrak for the price of a one way taxi ride. I set 4 alarm clocks (2 iphone, 1 fitbit, 1 kitchen timer) so I would get up in time. It would have probably been easier to just stay awake all night.

Uneventful flight. Had to change planes in Chicago. Got in a little late, so I ended up missing my shuttle. Why they would expect me to be ready for pick up at 4pm when my flight wasn't even scheduled to arrive until 4pm, go figure. Caught the 5pm shuttle and was dropped off at Pod 51. There were 4 of us in the shuttle and the driver, Michelle, was very talkative. (Trump & religion, egads)

Just enough time to see Joey, dump off my stuff and grab the subway to 42nd Street. Joey had a 7pm show and got off a stop before me. Me? I had thoughts of trying to catch the 7pm Beautiful show, but I got lost in the drat station. I took a scenic tour of the Port Authority bus gates and the other floors, until I finally figured out how to exit to the street.

Decided to wander around the Theatre District, try to get my bearings and find dinner. Ended up having a grilled shrimp burger, salad and a Brooklyn Brown Ale at Bill's Bar & Burger at Rockefeller Center. I think I've eaten at a restaurant in this same location like 30 years ago with Karen on our first trip to NYC. Note to self: the ale was a bit too bitter for me.

Walked back to the hotel - it was a little over a mile from midtown. Really convenient location!

Tags: musicals, nyc, vacation

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