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Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving was busy and I was feeling more tired this year. 37 people this year - less Shoji's (they'll be back next year) and more friends for a change.

Alani & Kyle slept over the night before - they made 4 pans of finger jello. Less kids this year (mainly Joshua & Mikayla), but there were just a few yellow ones left by the end of the night. (only because Miya doesn't like lemon)

Kyle & I walked Julie's 11th Annual Gobble Gobble Not Trot 5K at 7:15am. Alani slept in.

We had da usual. Carol brought over a cauliflower cheese dish that was very tasty. I didn't even get one spam musubi. Turkey, mashed potatoes, rice, baked yams, cranberry sauce (canned & home made), brussel sprouts, Hawaiian rolls, duck, chow mein, fruit salad, lumpia, egg rolls, char siu, inari & futomaki, spanakopitas, gravy...

Ruffles & onion dip - definitely a guilty pleasure. Unfortunately it was on the far side of the table. (fortunately?)

Art is looking very fragile. He's been sick a lot this year and on oxygen. as needed, for his COPD.

Bruce & Sharyn were supposed to come, but Sharyn came down with something. He's now eating through the multiple pans of Marshmallow Treats that she normally brings.

Nobody brought kaki (persimmons) this year. Claudia said that the squirrels got all the ones on her tree.

Chatted with Mich - she's doing her first marathon this year. Asked her if running that first mile got any easier. She said "no". *sigh* If I can get through that first mile, I'm good.
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