Debbie (debmats) wrote,

WorldCon 2016 - Prologue Part III

Tuesday, August 16th:
Breakfast at the free buffet. The attendant, she is one of the cheeriest morning people I have ever seen!

Loaded up Tammy's car and after dropping the guys' cars at their place & getting coffee, we headed out to Kansas City.

I did my usual, and slept in the back seat. We stopped in Columbia for lunch at the Flat Branch Pub & Brewing. Got to watch Olympic Volleyball! Tried their Brown Ale, twasn't bad 3 out 5. Had a salad with grilled salmon. Tammy had a grilled romaine salad. I'd never heard of grilling lettuce before.

I slept the next two hours until we reached Independence, then we passed the KC Royals stadium and arrived in Kansas City. Checked into the Marriott. Hmm, no fridge - they were out and it's no longer a medical necessity. On to Plan B. We picked up our registration packet and hit Costco - not sure in what order. Joey had managed to get on an earlier flight, so he'd be joining us for dinner.

Dinner - Cork & Cleaver. It was an early birthday dinner celebrating Kev's 40th! First BBQ meal of the trip, though I had the PORK OSSO BUCCO // roasted apples, polenta, braising jus, parsley relish instead and it was yummy. We shared cheese & charcuterie plate, a fried cheese curds and pickles, and red cabbage. I think Kev & Joey got the ribs platter, somebody got the chicken and somebody got the steak? Dessert included the creme brulee and the butter cake

Our host was very knowledgeable and gave us the skinny on the various restaurants in the area - she was even willing to get us reservations. Nice lady!

Went upstairs to check out the gym, but it closes at 10pm. It's got attendants and all. Got a quick look around and that was probably the last time I made it to the 22nd floor. Did a lot of hall walking this trip.
Tags: friends, midamericon, worldcon

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