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WorldCon 2016 - Prologue

Sunday, August 14th: Dang! I managed to sleep through THREE alarm clocks! I was awakened by K calling my on the landline to say "she was waiting out front - where was I???" AUGH!!!!!

Thankfully: 1) I was packed and ready to go, 2) I can get up, get dressed and be out of the house in less than 10 minutes, AND 3) Oakland Airport is less than 10 minutes away. I also lucked out because I had been gifted with TSA Pre-check (actually both ways).

Nonstop flight to St Louis was okay until I managed to spill my cup of spicy tomato juice all over me. *SIGH*. Met Kev & Christopher at baggage claim, got my luggage and stomped off to the bathroom to change clothes. My blue & white t-shirt is toast.

Late lunch at St. Louis Bread Co. (aka Panera). Did a bit of snack shopping (DP!!!) and then off to Homewood Suites for two nights. Nifty - two bedroom suite with living and kitchen areas.

While Kev & Christopher went off to check out the pool, I hit the gym, specifically the treadmill. I had decided to walk half a mile, run a couple of miles and walk until I hit my daily fitbit goal. Well, bad things come in threes, so somewhere, about a mile and a quarter into the run part, I glanced up at the tv to my left. OOOH Olympics!!! BAD! Do not distract myself - I know better! I stepped on the side of the treadmill and wiped out. Felt like slow motion even - falling down, splat and rolling off the treadmill onto the floor. Skinned RIGHT knee and right elbow. At least it wasn't the poor left side. The immediate, "hope nobody saw" reaction. Got up, checked for more injuries (none, just sore) and then got back on the treadmill and walked a little over three miles. I did remember to put on the little thingy that would have stopped the treadmill if I had had it on when I fell.

I have no memory of where we went to dinner...
We went to dinner at Dewey's. I think we got three pizzas: Don Coreleone, Green Lantern and the Bronx Bomber? It could have been the Edgar Allan Poe.

Did walk across the street to the CVS store to pick up a few things. Clerk was surprised at the city...

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