Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Family Vacation 2016 - Part III

Thursday, July 14th: Heat & humidity got me, so I ended up only running a bit over a mile, walking the rest.

Met up with cousins Darrin, Satomi, Joey, Scotty & Akemi at Dave and Busters for lunch and yakking. Darrin was still conscious, he'd just gotten off shift. Pokemon Go was a major discussion point for kidlets and their cousins. I played DDR for the first time in ages.

Had just enough time for a quick nap and a bit of shopping before meeting cousin Scotty for dinner at Gomen Ramen.

Friday, July 15th: Slept in. Brunch at IHOP. Then, drove over to LA Shoji's in Playa del Rey for the day. Hey! It didn't rain this year! Kyle & Aaron got in their annual tennis game. Alani ended up in the pool courtesy of London. Jam Session! Karen pulled out her fue (Japanese style flute), Aaron pulled out his trumpet and Aly pulled out her Dad's recorders. Luc pulled out his flute, but didn't play it. It needed a bit of cleaning which I did, and I think it needs a few new pads. I did play it and the recorders. fun!

Saturday, July 16th: On the road by 10am. Home by 5.
Tags: family, vacation

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