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Family Vacation 2016 - Part II


Monday, July 11th: Opened up the park and hit all the E ticket rides by 10. Space Mountain (now Hyperspace Mountain with Star Wars battle scenes), Star Tours, Pirates, Indiana Jones, Haunted Mansion and Runaway Railway. Splash Mountain was down both days we went.

Tony Roma's for lunch and a break until 5. There was definitely swimming and a nap.

Alani, still tired & sore from her week of Bike Camp, decided to rest in the room. We did CA Adventure for a bit, then Karen went back to the room. Kyle & I went back to Disneyland and closed out the park. Watched the Paint The Night Parade, some fireworks. Only a 20 minute wait for the Nemo ride. Space Mountain was down, we ended up going to Downtown Disney for dinner at La Brea Bakery. Kyle had a bread bowl of clam chowder - this seems to be one of his current favorites. Wandered around Downtown Disney (Kyle & his Pokemon Go - along with a gazillion other people playing)

Tuesday, July 12th: Kidlets slept in until noon? I got up early and braved the humidity and the heat to jog a couple of miles. (Around the block is a bit over a mile). Joined Karen in the pool afterwards - she was swimming laps (mile +) and we had the pool to ourselves.

Lunch at IHOP. We did a bit of shopping at Downtown Disney and Costco before heading out to Irvine to have dinner with the Yasui's. No CFH (cousin from hell aka Sy) nor her older brother - he's under the weather, but his wife was there. No broken ceiling fan this year.

Wednesday, July 13th: Went to CA Adventure at openers - rode the new Soaring Around the World (it's funny when the smell of oranges permeates the air when the elephants are throwing dirt around) - did a few more rides and then - More Disneyland! This time with the LA Shoji's! Aly, Luc and London met us in the park. Splash Mountain was still down.

Lunch at the Holly Jolly- home of Alani's favorite turkey sandwich. Kidlets were able to say hello to one of their teachers. While they were chatting, I was following the teacher's adorable toddler - he was fascinated by the ceiling fans of all things.

Spent the afternoon in CA Adventure.

Dinner at Tony Roma's.

Closed out the park

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