Debbie (debmats) wrote,

In Memory of Asako Kimura (1925 -2016)

This past weekend, Karen, Alani, Kyle and I drove down to Gardena for Auntie Asako's memorial service. She was Mom's older sister - the 6th of 9 kids. Gayle had been planning on going, but she fell off a chair trying to fix a stuck blind and gave herself a concussion on Wednesday. Oy.

Growing up, she'd correct our grammar, our etiquette, etc, so we called her "Auntie Proper". I think this was a more Karen and Gayle thing. Half the time I called her "Auntie Oscar" - I don't know if I picked this up from my older cousins or not, can't remember.

It is her fault that we individually wrap marshmallow treats.

She was a very kind and caring woman. She'd "do" things for you, rather than say something to show you she cared - just quietly support you. Karen called her "The Observer". When Mom needed care, she was over all the time, keeping Mom company, making her favorite foods, showing her love. She was there with me when Mom died.

She had a smirk. It would come out when she observed her daughter having a disagreement with her own teenage daughter. Mostly it was "may your daughter be just like you" karma.

I miss her.

Obituary from LA Times 06-14-16
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