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Debbie Does See Jane Run

Since January 27th, I have been running, all be it, very, very slowly. My new nick name is Tortoise. Hopefully speed will come with practice.

Thanks to the Zombies to 5K Training Program, I successfully ran my first 5K race - See Jane Run. I had my personal best time for three miles of 47:42, in fact my first mile was 15:20. I have never gone that fast. I need to find a way to pace myself at the start - I started out way too fast for me to last 3.1 miles. So, even though I slowed down after the first bit, I still managed to run faster than I'd done.

After the half way point, the route loops back to the start. About two blocks back, I saw Joycie. By the time I got almost to the 3 mile point, Joycie had caught up with me, because she wanted us to get our "finish" photo together (she actually jogged a bit! I take about 3-4 steps to her one). Photo taken, she started passing me, and I couldn't have that, so I found a bit more energy and raced for the finish line. I won. She says she let me. Evil BFF. =)

It's been an interesting few months. The final week of training in March, I wiped out pretty good. The sidewalk attacked me! Really! I managed to skin both knees and my left forearm - the last time I had done that much damage I must have been in grade school? Two weeks later? I re-skinned my left knee and left forearm. Ugh. I think I'm going to have a pretty big scar on my arm as a souvenir.

I'm tired, but I'm feeling accomplished. Until this year, I had never run a mile let alone 3 (actually my personal best is 4.08 miles)

Joycie is now talking about walking the 1/2 marathon...

Edited 06-09-16:
Final time: 50:04 minutes. 16:09 pace
I placed 37th in my age group, 668th for my gender and 719th over all. =)

Joyce's final time was 50:22 minutes. 16:14 pace
38th in our age group, 673rd for gender and 724th over all
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