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World Con - Day Two

Alex, Mat & I all managed to get ourselves together and wander down to the Convention Center in time for the 10am panels.

Of course there were several panels that I wanted to see, but I ended up going to the "Chelsea Quinn Yarbro Interviewed by Sharon Russell" panel. I've been reading CQY's books since I was a teenager, in particular, her book False Dawn is one I still remember to this day. I enjoyed her Charles Spotted Moon mysteries and was pleased to find out that there were two more that I hadn't read! She says that if she could find a publisher for them, she'd write more. *sigh* It was a very cozy group - less than 20 people there. Everybody got to ask their questions. T'was a lovely way to start the morning.

2nd panel that I went to was Ellen Kushner's "Sound & Spirit: Lord of the Rings Sneak Preview". She puts on a weekly NPR show that blends story, interview and music from all over the world. What little I heard made me want to hear more. She also had a drawing for a copy of her book - the sequel to Swordspoint - 15 winners - daggnabbit - Mat WON. He'll get it in November when the book is released. *sigh*

Met up with Alex and we went back to the hotel and hit the breakfast buffet for lunch.

Walked back to the Con and met up with Angie (An'halya) from the Liaden list. We both decided that we'd go hit Steve's panel on building your own community sf library collection, but then I realized that I had forgotten my cell phone. Foxy was supposed to meet me at the Con after work and I had told him to call me. OOPS... so I went back to the hotel to get phone. Ended up not going to panel as it was a small group and didn't want to interrupt, so I ended up wandering around and meeting Angie after it finished.

We then went over to the "He's Dead Jim, but What Killed Him" panel. Met Mat & Alex there too. I think *g*. All the days are running together...

At 5:30, Mat & I went to the Lois McMaster Bujold reading. She read from her sequel to the Curse of Chalion. YAY!!! I love that book. She had a few more chapters to write and so it would be out sometime next year. *sigh* I hate waiting. Immediate gratification, that's my game. *g*

Went back to the hotel and met up with Foxy. He & Mat chatted up in the room while I helped with the Liaden Party setup. Did the Togo's sandwich run and picked up ice.

Foxy, Mat & I ended up eating at the Steak & Grill restaurant at the Fairmont. It's actually a bit more posh than we were expecting, but the food was great. (We were going to Scott's Seafood restaurant down the street, but found out it wasn't opened - wouldn't be open until September 5th. So much for that idea.) I had a lovely caesar salad and grilled ahi tuna (how would you like your fish cooked? "as rare as possible" *grin*) Sean had steak with mushrooms and a salad. Mat had some kind of chicken and french fries. The pinot grigio wine was lovely (stole a sip of Foxy's)

And now the Klingons and skunk part...
The Liaden Lizard Lounge (aka the Party Suite) was directly across from the Costumers/Masquerade Party Suite. This meant that all the Klingons, 6 foot skunks, mice and other *interestingly* dressed people hung out there. They also had about a ton of booze delivered. "What do you do with a Drunken Klingon???" It's easiest to give them something to eat and send them back across the hall. Unfortunately, we were unable to get rid of the drunken author who wandered in - she was very loud and seemed to scare away people who we could have brain washed into joining the Liaden Universe... And then there was the older gent that cornered Thuy - tried to rescue her twice, but no luck. Even after she told him she really was Swedish didn't stop him from going on about Asian stuff.

The Liaden Lounge stayed open longer than the Klingon Party! Go US!
Actually, we ended up having a nice chat of mostly Liaden folk - Steve & Sharon, Elaine, Sam & Genna, Angie, Thuy, David R. & Wendy, Kevin, me, Mat, Sean & Alex.


Sean & I were trying very very hard not to giggle. Alex & Mat fell asleep first and for some crazy reason, they got into a sort of syncopated snoring. It was hilarious!

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