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Today has been a weird sort of day.

Didn't sleep much last night - maybe got an hour and half max. Brain on speed.

Did a run around 10am to the grocery store - farewell potluck for division manager. Of course, I had to ask if anybody needed anything. Ended up picking stuff for three of the guys plus doing a Starbuck's run for me and Faith.

Was supposed to play an elf for the fire/police departments' toys for tots thing. Supposedly I was going to get to ride in a police car this time. Turned out that they had more than enough people so I was able to zip home and go to the season ticket holder thingy at the coliseum. Didn't stay very long. Wasn't in the mood to sit up in the rafters at the arena with several thousand other people. Did get my season ticket holders' gift - chocolate with the A's logo =) . Was in the mood to shop at the clubhouse store - 25% off everything. Did buy a new A's blanket for me, something for karen, and something for kyle. Couldn't find anything for Alani - everything was either too big or too small.

Okay, since I was out already and it was almost 9pm, I figured it would be semi safe to go hit Toys R Us. Wasn't too bad. Shopped for almost an hour and half. Did find the grocery store check out thingy by Fisher-Price. Gayle said get something that did something with numbers like a cash register. Not sure if this is what she was expected, but it looked like fun. Picked up a dinosaur play set for Kyle and Raggedy Ann for Alani. Gave in and got Alani Baby Elmo too. It's soooo cute. Almost bought the Hokey Pokey Elmo for Sony, but I managed to restrain myself. It's her turn I think for the weird gift. My last salvo was the cow which played Celebrate and whose horns twirled about.

Yay! No work tomorrow. Have to run errands and clean living room. Guess I should figure out what I'm serving at my party. I'm feeling very disorganized.

Now where did I put the code for the house alarm? I'd hate to go to Karen's to set up for the party and set off the @#$%* alarm again.

First things first. Time to crawl into bed.
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