Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Sasquan - Worldcon - The Voyage Home - Day 2

Tuesday, August 25th:
I had given Joey a choice: he could sleep in or he could go with me back up to the Memorial a 7am. (when it was officially open again). He decided on sleep.

I drove over the bridge again and was up at the Memorial at 7am. Nobody else was around. T'was peaceful. Had time to wander through and around the Memorial. Visited the Veterans Memorial, the newest entry was from Afghanistan. I knew Sam Hill's crypt was near by and finally found it, down the hill from Stonehenge. (I had to google it). Had thought about climbing down to the crypt, but 1)There was no path, just rocks & 2)I was by myself. I later found out there was a road I could have taken. Oh well.

Brunch at Petit Provence in The Dalles, OR. I had the Risotto Cakes & Eggs: Slow simmered risotto rice with sautéed bacon, asparagus, mushrooms, red onions, and fresh basil, gently formed into patties, lightly breaded and grilled to perfection. Topped with two poached eggs. Served with Provençal Potatoes & Butternut Squash. Joey ordered the Cheesy Polenta Bacon & Eggs: Creamy polenta made with cheddar and parmesan cheese, topped with crisp bacon, and two poached eggs, finished with fresh chives. (Looking for a vegetarian option? Swap the bacon for sautéed spinach and mushrooms.) Joey had the spinach & mushrooms added in too. We split the two dishes for a great breakfast! Joey + bakery = many baked goods going home with him. The macaroons were adorable - chicks, otters, and unicorns!

Short visit with the Columbia Gorge waterfalls - Multnomah. I think we also saw Oneonta Falls and Horsetails Falls.

On the way to Spokane, the drive through Portland was a pain, so we decided to drive around Portland. After leaving the Gorge, we took 205 to highway 5. Drove straight down 5 with the option of stopping if we saw something interesting. Did stop at the Weed rest stop so Joey could take more pictures for his Feed adventure. The views of Mt Shasta were still a bit smokey.

Stopped in Redding for a quick dinner (Joey went to In-n-Out, I went to Taco Bell). Stopped for gas one last time in Williams. Got to Berkeley around 11:30, dropped Joey & his stuff off, and then got HOME at 12:03am.
Tags: friends, sasquan, travel, worldcon

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