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Monday, August 24th:

Finished packing up. Breakfast at the the hotel buffet.
Brought the first load of stuff down to the car. Check the tire again, still hadn't been able to figure out where the heck the drat tire pressure reset button was. Tires were fine. Decided to keep an eye on the tires, but disregard the the tire pressure warning icon.

Time to say good bye to Tammy & Kev. Dropped them off at the airport. *sniff*
Came back to the hotel and finished packing up the car. Definitely a game of tetris! There was much more stuff - more books, more booze, more cd's, and souvenirs.

Stopped by a wine & spirits shop on the way out of Spokane. I made it out of the store with just a bottle of Columbia Gorge Gewurztraminer. Joey picked up a couple bottles of Rye (bourbon?).

Skies were still brownish. Yummy late lunch in Kennewick at Sushi Mori. Chirashi and a spicy tuna roll for me, Joey had Udon and something else.

We got to Biggs Junction a little bit before 7pm. Did a quick trip over the bridge and visited the Stonehenge Memorial. There was a family up there, flying kites. Made me wish I had a kite to fly too. Walked around for a bit and took a bunch of pictures.

Checked into the Three Rivers Inn (across the street from the truck stop). Got my walkies in by walking back and forth along the two main blocks of town. Pretty skies due to all the smoke. Dinner at Subway. I had been debating between Subway & McDonald's, not a whole lot in Biggs Junction.

Did have a short chat with Joey on the differences between an extrovert (him) and an introvert (me).

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