Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Sasquan - WorldCon Day 5

Sunday, August 23rd:

Friends of Liad breakfast at Sante! 13 of us, including Ariel! Kev, Tammy, Elaine, Thuy, Michael, Ariel, Kathy, her son, her husband, Cynthia, her husband, Harriet and me.

I had the Spinach Morning Bun again. Yum.

Did some shopping at the Artists' Collective. I poinged over a photo and that's part of what Kev got me for my birthday =) I saw some lovely raven serving bowls and was debating on whether to get one for Sean for Christmas, but Kev decided to get one for Sean for his birthday. We were able to watch the artist who made the bowl while she worked on a dragon.

From the Artists' Collective, we went into the connecting Book Shop (Auntie's) and the game shop (Uncle's). You'd have thought I had bought enough books... nope. Oh well.

I did a quick run through the Art Show back at the Con. I bid on a necklace, cool sphere of the milky way, but was out bid by ONE DOLLAR. Oh well. Final chats with Elaine & Thuy. Maybe I'll see them at next year's WorldCon in Kansas City?

Dinner at Wild Sage Bistro with Kev, Tammy & Joey. Oh yum. I know I got a salad, but can't remember which one. I did have the duck - Pan seared, hazelnut brown butter, house gnocchi & seasonal roasted vegetable sauté, cider gastrique, which was more yum.

I know that we split 3 desserts among the four of us, and huckleberry compote was involved.
  • Soon to Be Famous Coconut Cream Layer Cake: Coconut genoise cake, mascarpone-coconut cream filling, lilikoi sauce

  • Clementine Pound Cake: Almond flour, fresh clementines, grand marnier zabaione, orange gastrique

  • and I can't remember what the third one was.

I did 5K on the treadmill after that meal.
Packing. More alcohol from Joey's stash (really liked the LH Gewurztraminer)
Tags: fol, friends, sasquan, worldcon

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