Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Sasquan - WorldCon Day 3

Friday, August 21th:

Breakfast buffet in the hotel.

  • 10am: Urban Fantasy as Modern Fairy Tale: Megan Frank (M), Patricia Briggs, Yanni Kuznia, Rhiannon Held, Michelle Sagara
    When the classic fairy tales were first told, they were about people living in places much like those known by the storyteller, mostly small towns and rural areas. Now, people live in more urban areas. Does today's urban fantasy serve the role as fairy tales once did?

  • Missed the 11am Robert Silverberg & George RR Martin Dialog
  • 11am: Writing About SF: Yesterday & Today: Gary Wolfe (M), David Hartwell, Rich Horton, Michelle Sagara, Kameron Hurley
    From Knight and Blish, through Delaney & Le Guin, to the critics of today, SF has had an active and sometimes contentious history of criticism. What is the role of a critic? Who are the great critics and why?
  • Noon: The Ties Between Romance, SF and Fantasy: Darlene Marshall, Sharon Shinn, Louise Marley, Cynthia Felice (M), Fred Lerner
    Romantic stories focus on relationships and romantic love. Speculative fiction is often considered a genre of ideas. What is the roll of the romance element in the genre of ideas? How does speculative fiction bring a fresh perspective to stories about emotion and relationships?
  • Did not make it to either the Parody On, Dude! or the Lakeside: A Year with Jay Lake
  • 1pm: Autographing: Got my Michelle Sagara books signed!

  • 2pm: TJ Burnside-Clapp Concert - Squeeee! She sang Lullaby for a Weary World!!!
  • 2:30pm: Steve Savitzky Concert
  • 3pm: Jordin Kare Concert - he did sing Fire in the Sky
  • 3:30pm: Edward Willett Concert (he's also EC Blake) - he did a Tolkien song cycle!
  • Rushed off at 4pm to get my book signed by John Pitts. Still would like a copy of his Lucy & Peppermint Patty story
  • 4pm: Cat Greenberg & Tim Griffin Concert
  • 5pm: Mary Crowell Concert
  • 5:30pm Bill & Brenda Sutton Concert - I still like Abel Harris, Bartender
  • 6pm: Alexander James Adams Concert - his encore was Black Unicorn, immediately followed by White Unicorn. Hee!

Dinner at Clinkerdagger Restaurant with Tammy & Kev. Tammy was able to pick up her sunglasses at Queen of Sheba. Yay! (the restaurants are in the Flour Mill Building)

We had a table with a view of the river. Much yum. Caesar salad, Salmon Oscar (grilled salmon with asparagus, crab and a hollandaise sauce on the side & mashed potatoes) There were fried cheese curds, and bread pudding with pears & a bourbon sauce. Some chocolate dessert? Fruit cobbler? Cheesecake? I can't remember what Kev & Tammy actually picked.

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