Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Sasquan - WorldCon Day 2

Thursday, August 20th:
Protein bar & a piece of fruit for breakfast, then Kev & I did the 9am Stroll With the Stars. (David Gerrold, Tom Smith, Lawrence Shoen, Stephen Segal, Stu Segal, Cat Rambo, & Vonda McIntyre). There were probably 40 or more people chatting and strolling through Riverfront Park. I discovered the giant red Radio Flyer slide and just had to go down it! T'was fun.

Ended up having lunch at Azteca. I had shrimp fajitas.

  • 1pm: Carol Berg reading
  • 3:30pm: Char MacKay Concert
  • 4pm: Kathleen Sloan Concert
    She did both Catalog Queen & Discipline Queen. Also, she & Paul E. did Meat!
  • 4:30pm: Blind Lemming Chiffon Concert
  • Did I go to Andrew Ross' Concert at 5pm???

Kev, Tammy & I met up with Thuy, Michael, Elaine & Ariel for dinner at Italia Trattoria. I haven't seen Elaine in years!!!! Yay! Company was great, service was good, food was good, kitchen was on snail slow. It took just about an hour from the time we ordered until we got our food. (Squid ink tagliatelle and spicy wild shrimp: tomato sauce, jalapeno, garlic,chili flakes, lemon gremolata, basil)

Did I go filking?
I did do an hour on the treadmill.
Tags: fol, friends, sasquan, worldcon

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