Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Sasquan - WorldCon Day 1

Wednesday, August 19th:
Woke up real early so that I could be good and off to the 7am Weight Watchers meeting I went. Go Me!
Good meeting on coping with slips and not letting them go into a long slide. Meeting leader was Kelly, with assistance from Kandy.

I got back to the room in time to go on a coffee trek. Kev & Joey had plotted out the various coffee houses in the area and were determined to try them all. I think we hit Indaba and Atticus.

Brunch at Madeleine's. Corned beef hash and eggs and a yummy beet salad.

There was much evil in the Dealers' Room. Tammy & I spent much time & money at Angelwear Creations. More books were acquired from Larry Smith.

I hit the 2pm autograph session - Patricia Briggs! I did mention that I was doing the "Mercy Thompson" driving tour. She laughed & asked whether I'd been to Stonehenge yet. I said that I was going to do Stonehenge on the way home. =)

While I was waiting in line for Patricia Briggs, I joined in a conversation with two of the other signing authors who weren't busy: Wesley Chu and Tanglwyst de Holloway. Tanglwyst has some beautiful blue hair and as mine was a subtle blue, hair was discussed. =) After I got my books signed, I went over to the Dealers room and picked up a book by each and got them autographed!

Kev & I attended some of the First Night activities - the beer garden, Alexander James Adams concert, watched/listened to bits of the Phil Foglio/Tom Smith art vs music. Saw filkerdave in passing, and mentioned that I picked up the salsa that he had requested of CA folk, but he'd already gotten enough.

Skies were turning brown at this point, from all the smoke

Dinner with Kev & Tammy at Queen of Sheba - Ethiopian food for the win!

Did walk 3 miles on the treadmill.
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