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On the Road to Sasquan - WorldCon Day -1

Tuesday, August 18th:
Breakfast at Cousins, up the street from the motel. You were addressed as "Cuz" or "Cousin". I bought a cap that said "Cuz" and a toy VW bus. Good food and nice staff. Joey ended up dropping off some chocolate for our waitress on the way out.

Drove straight through to Spokane, WA. Once we exited the Gorge, the land changed from lots of trees (weird ones with skinny trunks and full tops) to flat, arid plains. Oh, and smokey skies. Got to the hotel around 2:30? pezazul had already arrived and checked into the room. Yay Kev!!! It was great to see him =) Unpacked da car, and it took two trips. Then we walked over to the convention center and picked up our registration packets. Next up, Costco!

Picked up water, more dp, munchies, and stuff for Joey's "bar" - lemons, limes, cups and sparkling water.

Dinner at Sante. It was an evening of disappointments for Joey - they were either out of his favorites or only had certain meats available for certain dishes - nothing extra for purchase. I enjoyed my duck liver pate, chicory salad with coppa & gnocchi with andouille sausage. I think Joey ended up with the charcuterie board and the foie gras torchon. Kev got the butter lettuce and guanciale salad, lobster bisque(?) cheese plate and the gnocchi.

Picked up Tammy (YAY!) at the airport. Back to the room and yakking until late. Wine too?


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Aug. 30th, 2015 04:23 am (UTC)
The lobster bisque was at Klinkerdagger :). I had the salad, cheese plate, and gnocchi.
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