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On the Road to Sasquan - WorldCon Day -3

I had decided to do a road trip to Sasquan (WorldCon) in Spokane, WA. I'd only been as far north as Medford, OR and I thought it would fun. trektone was going as co-pilot and navigator. When I had started to plan the trip, I had been debating on whether to take Eeyore II (260K miles and counting!), buy a new car or borrow K's Highlander. I keep hoping for a hybrid Sienna, but I don't think I can wait much longer. Eeyore II made it all the way to San Diego & back this summer, but I decided to use K's car.

Part of the reason to drive was to do a Mercy Thompson tour. She is the main character of a series of books by Patricia Briggs and it is set in the Tri-Cities area of WA. The Columbia River Gorge and the Stonehenge Memorial are featured in River Marked, book 6, and I wanted to see it.

Sunday, August 16th:
Packed up the car with an ice chest, suitcase, a bag of books, laptop, sleeping bag, tote bag, dp, water and munchies. I had told Joey that he could have all of the right side of the car for his books (2+ boxes), wine (4+ 4 bottle carriers), suitcase, tote bags, ukelele, and more munchies. Car was definitely full. Got to Joey's a little after 9am, and it took us about 20 minutes to pack up the car!

Stopped for lunch at the Brown Bear Restaurant in Redding, CA. Joey started the day with banana cream pie. Uneventful trip up through CA via Highway 5 - skies were very smokey.

Stopped in Weed, CA for Joey to take pictures...

We saw a sign for Tolly's in Oakland, OR from the freeway, exited, got lost, but finally did find the restaurant. Liked all the carousel horses. I had linguine with shrimp with a caesar salad. Joey and the woman working the ice cream fountain had a nice chat about ice creams. Walked around the historic downtown after dinner, but was a little disconcerted by the big Confederate flags in the pick up truck parked in front of City Hall. It was a little scary.

Stayed the night at Motel 6 in Oakland, OR. I think this is the first time I've ever stayed in a Motel 6. The couple that ran the place were very nice - in fact as I walked my laps around the parking the lot, the gentleman would wave every time I passed by. Yes, I was good and got my walkies in most days.

Monday, August 17th:
Brunch at Buster's in Cottage Grove, OR. Really recommend this place! I had the eggs benedict: smoked salmon from Oregon Lox, dill cream cheese, poached eggs, hollandaise & capers. Yum. I think this is the place where Joey got the alligator sausage? Walked around downtown, hit the bookstore/bakery.

Traffic was slow around Portland...
We went to two wineries: Phelps' and Marchesi's. I liked Phelps' wines better. The set up as Marchesi's was more for bringing friends and chatting than for chatting & asking questions with staff.

Dinner at Celilo's Restaurant & Bar in Hood River, OR. Food & staff were lovely (Joey always has lots of questions). This was the nicest restaurant on the trip. I had Cast Iron Paella: Pacific Northwest style paella cooked in cast iron with marinated Pacific squid, wild prawns, Oregon bay shrimp, mussels, house pork chorizo, chicken confit and traditional paella rice. YUM! I think Joey got two types of chacuterie. Peach tart with house made vanilla ice cream and Huckleberry cake with chamomile tea ice cream. Both were delicious!

Stayed the night at Motel 6 in The Dalles, OR. Did walk the parking lot and along the street of car dealerships. Toyota dealership, but there were no Siennas!

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