Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Getting ready for WorldCon and other stuff...

I'm on VACATION!!!! YAY!
Today, I'm taking Kyle to the DMV to take the driver's written test. Half of his friends have flunked it on the first try, so we'll see. I see lots of driving around parking lots in my future.

Packing for WorldCon - one more load of last minute laundry stuff needs to be done. Books - have to finish pulling books to stalk authors and such =)

What have I done since my last post?
  • Book Club - we discussed Sharon Shinn's Archangel while we ate ice cream at Tucker's. Marcel is getting so big!
  • Saw Theatreworks' Triangle again. The geeky character worked better this go around for me. Love the music - want the soundtrack *sigh*. One of my favorite songs is 'Daughter's Hand'
  • herefox and I spent a day at Graton's. Didn't lose all of my stake, came home with about a third. Not bad for an entire day's worth of playing!
  • Mike Gallego has always been one of my favorite A's players, so when the A's had a Mike Gallego Wind Up Toy give away day, I had to go. Since I wanted the usual high calorie snacks at the baseball game, I decided to walk to the Coliseum and back - about a 9 mile round trip. Got my toy & A's won in the 10th with a walk off single (which required Mikey to do his windmill arm thingy to signal in the winning run - yay! Also found a much nicer way to get home - there's a shoreline path that runs from the High Street Bridge almost to the Coliseum. It adds about half a mile, but it's so much NICER!
  • Last Saturday, K & I loaded up the car with the stuff you can't throw in the garbage - microwave, UPS, vacuum cleaner, sharps, hazardous materials (paint) and took them the Castro Valley Sanitation District's recycle day. Drive in, drop off, drive out. More Yay!
Tags: family, friends, musicals, worldcon

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