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Family Vacation 2015 - Part III

Thursday, July 23rd:
Checked out of the hotel, brunch at IHOP and then drove down to San Diego.
Checked into the Sheraton-Mission Valley
Baseball!!! Padres vs Marlins at Petco Field. Marlins won 4-0
Did a 3.3 mile walk on the treadmill

Friday, July 24th:
  • Brunch at O'Hungry's in Old Town. Good food and inexpensive! Had the corned beef hash and eggs. Salsa was very tasty.
  • Wandered around Old Town. Alani was fried. She ended up sitting on a bench while we did a bit of shopping
  • San Diego Zoo and COUSINS! Did you know that it's $48 to get into the zoo?? Oy. Met up with Emi (33), Jin (2, will be three in September) and Ken (who will turn 1 on July 30th). Emi is our recently discovered cousin on Dad's side. Alani & Jin really hit it off and they wandered ahead of us most of the time. Monkeys! Tigers! Bears (kuma! kuma! kuma!) and Koalas. Had a lovely time getting to know Emi! We parted ways around 5pm - Emi's kids normally go to bed at 6pm
  • Dinner at Sansai - across the freeway from the hotel
  • We were going to go to the movies, but we'd just missed the next showing of Inside Out. So, we thought we'd watch something on-demand at the hotel, but there is no on-demand - at least we couldn't find it. Quiet evening instead

Saturday, July 25th:
Buffet breakfast at the hotel. Anaheim Plaza's was better. Alani bagged breakfast and slept for a little bit longer.

Long drive home. It took us over 4 1/2 hours to get from San Diego to the bottom of the Grapevine. It should have taken less than 3 hours. Smooth sailing after that - drove pretty much straight through. Stopped at Anderson's Pea Soup in Santa Nella for dinner. Love their split pea soup, not so much the meat ball dinner. I think I actually like Ikea's meat balls best!

Hit Alameda by 7pm. Dropped off K & kidlets. Home by 7:30. Unloaded the car. Barricaded the apt door. Yay!

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