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Family Vacation 2015 - Part II

Monday, July 20th:
  • Had breakfast at the hotel - they have a decent small buffet for $10.
  • Opened and closed da park (8am, midnight).
  • Hit most of the E-ticket rides by 10am: Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Roger Rabbit & It's a Small World
  • Wandered around until 1:30 and then left the park for a lunch/swim break. T'was mid 80's and HUMID and crowded!
  • Lunch at IHOP as usual.
  • Off to CA Adventure from about 5pm on - Soaring, Tower of Terror & CA Screaming
  • Back to Disneyland so we could watch the Paint the Night Parade. Wee!
  • Dinner at the Red Rockett's Pizza Port, where we watched some of the fireworks show.
  • I think we closed the park with a ride on either Space Mountain or Indiana Jones. It's all a blur

I think I ended up riding Star Tours twice. Ugh.

Tuesday, July 21st:
CA Adventure & More DISNEYLAND!!!
We started the day fried and fried ourselves even more. Had less than 5 hours of sleep...
  • Breakfast at the hotel buffet
  • Went to CA Adventure so we could get a fast pass for World of Color. We may have ridden Soaring - no wait
  • Alani & I went to Disneyland while Kyle & K stayed in CA Adventure
  • I know we rode most of the E-ticket rides again. Splash Mountain was closed. Saw people standing on the mountain while they were off-loaded.
  • Alani still likes the Tiki Room. Me, I'm happy just to have a place to sit that's cool
  • Lunch break at Tony Roma's. K & Kyle swam, Alani & I took a nap
  • Back to the park. Which one?
  • World of Color at 9pm. It wasn't as spectacular as in past years, it was more remembrances of the past 60 year of Disneyland. The 90 minute wait time passed quickly - the kidlets and a couple from Alaska played "guess the phrase/person/place" game on Kyle's phone. The guesser placed the phone on da forehead and nodded forward when the answer was correct or nodded back to skip. You could give any kind of clue so long as you didn't actually use a word in the answer. Much laughter - even from the people around us
  • Back to Disneyland! Pirates, Indiana Jones & Tiki Room!
  • Dinner at Carnation Plaza - Alani loves their roasted turkey sandwich
  • Kyle & I decided to ride Space Mountain one more time, but they closed the ride while we were in line. *sniff*. So, we ended up in the Star Traders store where Kyle built himself yet another light saber. Purple this time.
  • It was now 12:30am and I was running on pixie dust

Wednesday, July 22nd:
I slept in until 10? K was already up. Da kidlets slept until noon.

Downtown Disney! Lunch at the Rainforest Cafe, then a bit of shopping. I picked up my 60th Anniversary sweatshirt - I have a sweatshirt for each decade celebration. Well, not quite all of them - 25th, 30th, 40th, 50th and 60th. Time for a quick swim.

Dinner at the Yasui's. Tetsuo is looking much better - he'd had a quintuple bypass earlier this year and has had a few infections which landed him in the hospital. Chatted with Pam, Sy (CFH), Kim & Kaz. There was a major pillow fight which resulted in a bloody lip for Joe-Joe. Oops.

Took a quick walk after we got back - too much food and not enough moving.
Tags: disneyland, family, vacation

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