Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Out of Quarantine and Family Found!

Not that I actually had to be quarantined, I could have gone back to work last Monday. My spots were all covered by clothes, so it would have been okay - so did not happen.
I telecommuted all week, wondered how I managed to not SCRATCH back when I had chicken pox. I was very fortunate - my shingles were very mild, not painful and not plentiful. I had just 3 patches on my left side. My itchiness was like a low, constant hum - just enough to be annoying!

By Wednesday, I couldn't stand my own cooking anymore, so I hit the Taco Bell drive-thru. Yay for an enchirito & taco! Thursday, I made actual escape - went to CVS to pick up my monthly meds. I don't think I've eaten my own cooking for 7 days straight in I can't remember. Sean normally makes me dinner on Tuesdays, Joycie & I go out for dinner after WW on Wednesdays, Karen & I go out brunch after Farmers Market on Saturdays, and I usually buy my lunch at least once a week.

Oh well, back to the office on Monday. Just for 4 days - then I'm on VACATION! Family Vacation - annual sibling bonding road trip with da kidlets to visit relatives, friends and da Mouse. Had da Mouse Kingdom hotel booked, but had to book our hotels in LA and San Diego. Yes, we're going to San Diego to meet up with newly discovered 2nd cousin once removed and her family!

Have I mentioned a newly discovered cousin? Hmmm... Back in March, I was going through my FB inbox and found a message from Emi. She was wondering if I were related to her through her great grandfather & his brother, my grandfather (Dad's side). She furnished a few pictures she had (OMG, my family in 1980?) and a hand written family tree (Japanese & English). With the passing of Auntie Haru, the families had lost touch.

She had sent this message back in DECEMBER and I had totally missed it! I messaged her back asap and we've been in contact - well, mostly she & G have been passing photos back and forth, ever since. Emi's parents still live in the family home in Japan. She'd gone to University of Hawaii and met a guy from PA. They eventually married, moved to PA and last year, moved to San Diego, which prompted her search for relatives. Actually, I think it was her Dad's idea.

So, we're going to meet up on the 24th, somewhere in San Diego.
Tags: disneyland, family, health, vacation

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