Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Walk, walk, walk, walk...

Note to self: If you are doing a 5K walk with friends who are ALL at least half a foot taller than you, be prepared to do some jogging to keep up. Oy...

Did the See Jane Run 5K Stroller Walk today with Joycie, Ron, Laura and Noah. Laura & Ron would get ahead of us, and then I'd have to jog to catch up. Those LONG legs!!! I think this will be last year that Noah will ride in the stroller, though I'm not sure he'd last a 5K =) I am thinking that maybe next year, I'll try to jog at least part of it. Hmmmm... Though, my right knee is a little sore right now - it could be the residual soreness of falling up the stairs on Monday.

Last night, K,G, the kidlets and I did the Alameda Relay for Life. I walked a little over 2 hours. T'was a bit cool & breezy - the Encinal High School track is right by the Bay. Karen had the bright idea of putting a glow necklace under Grandpa's and Mom's luminarias, so it was easier to spot them.

Alameda's Relay is a lot smaller than Redwood City's: one of the biggest differences is that there are lots of empty parking spaces in the lot.
Tags: friends, relay for life, see jane run

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