Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Old friends...

Had dinner at Kamakura's with Kyle & Alani Friday. Yup, teenagers can eat. Miso soup, sushi - Alani had both negihama and a bowl of udon. Kyle had some negihama, cajun crawfish roll and Philadelphia roll, udon, yakitori, gyoza, and tempura udon.

Kyle went off to play his new video game while Alani & I saw and enjoyed Tomorrowland.

Saturday, Alani, Karen & I went to the Farmer's Market, Staples, and then lunch at Chili's. Costco was up next.

While at Costco, I heard somebody call my name. OMG! It was Nori! She had worked for the City and had moved to Los Angeles in 1997. I hadn't heard from her at all in the past 18 years. She still works for Northrup, but is now based in Oakland. Cool! Hope to get together soon.

Went to the chapel with Karen. Sort of a Meinichi/ early Father's Day visit.

Starting to plot out the trip to Sasquan. I am planning on doing a road trip
Tags: family, friends, work, worldcon

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