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It's raining, it's pouring...

Never did find toilet bank. I get this strange feeling that I trashed it at some point.

Overslept this morning and didn't get to work until 9. Traffic was bad (hey it's sunny, people!) - passed up 4 accidents - mostly fender benders. Oy.

Got everything organized for department party. Note to self: if we ever do origami balls again, use the thick foil paper, the pretty paper fell apart when being blown up. Else tape slots so it will hold shape.

We should have had 4 extra balls. Missing two. Considering that each ball had a $10 movie gift certificate and a $15 gift card (jamba juice, starbucks or barnes & noble) this is disturbing. Grrrr. They were all out on the tables.

White Elephant went very well. I needed to run the game at a fast pace as several people wanted to catch the early showing of a particular movie. The prezzies which got stolen the most: Crystal wine stoppers with wine id tags, Portable ice chest on wheels, ceramic canister set, champagne flutes and lexmark laser printer. Oh, and the loose tea assortment set. *grin* It went between desktop supervisor and the admin assistant. That tea set got stolen almost every round. The ewww item of the day? The mug set with the spiders in the bottom. Amazingly, somebody did steal it away from the original recipient.

Snippets of plotting overheard - "go steal the kahlua set and I'll trade you cannister set for it".

I'm very content with my Ansel Adams book. Go Me!

2nd part of the party took place at the Century 12 theatres. Had to make a decision as to what I wanted to see. Gothika? Last Samurai? Timeline? I didn't make my decision until I was up at the ticket counter. I saw Last Samurai. I liked it a lot even though there was a lot of blood.


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